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My name is Pedro Correia and I am a transport and logistics expert working in this sector for over 22 years. During this time I worked in several areas of the transport business, namely as an international truck driver, traffic manager and fleet manager.

Currently I work as certified trainer for the transport and logistics business and also as freelance journalist for the transport and simulator gaming sectors.

I also had experience as after sales manager on a truck brand. The company was called Cimpomóvel and at the time it was the official importer to Portugal of the Scania and Saab brands.

The passion for trucks and transportation came from my father, who owned a transport company during the early eighties till the late nineties. I grew up among the management in the office, the repairs at the garage and of course the many trips I made with my father or with some of the company drivers.

Regarding the computers, the video games, and the CG, it all started around 1985 with my parent's purchase of a ZX Spectrum for my older brother. After that, I had a Commodore Amiga 500 around 1989 and later the several PCs till today.

Around 2001 I bought my first truck simulator game, the "King of The Road" created by SoftLab-Nsk. This game was very advanced for the time, with good graphics, good audio, excellent physics, and a huge map. However, it wasn't a moddable game.

My modding experiencies started with the arrival of the "18 Wheels of Steel" series, especially with the first one, the "Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel", but mostly playing with other creators content. My first models and mods were made for the "18 WOS Haulin" game.

In 2007 SCS Software announced the first "Euro Truck Simulator" and I contacted them to participate in the Portuguese translation for the game, which I ended up making 100% by myself. Some months later I contacted Pavel Sebor because I found a distributor interested in selling the game in Portugal. The company was "Playgames" who became SCS Software official Portuguese partner and sold their retail boxed versions till the release of the "18 WOS Extreme Trucker 2" in 2011.

I later became SCS Software beta-tester and collaborated with them through many ways along the years. It is a great honor for me to be able to collaborate with this fantastic company that has given so much to the trucksim community and whose work and evolution are absolutely meritorious.

I'm also a freelance trucking industry reviewer with several released articles and reviews on the specialized press and social networks but mostly trough my own YouTube channel. I'm specialized in truck technology and telematics, but also a passionate for the transport history and old trucks.

Pedro Correia
September 2018

I love trucks since my first childwood memories and that's why my slogan is "Loving trucks since day one".



Born in Lisbon, Portugal.


My father creates a new company for car transport. This was my first introduction to the trucking world and to the transport business.


My parent's buy a ZX Spectrum for my older brother. Later, in 1989 I receive a Commodore Amiga 500.


I took the car driving license and finished high school. In 1996 I joined the army as it was obligatory at the time, and took truck driving license there.


I buy my first truck simulator game, the "King of The Road" created by SoftLab-Nsk.


Started to work as after sales manager at the official importer to Portugal of Scania.


My collaboration with SCS Software begins. The first job was the Portuguese translation for the first ETS game.
It was also this year that I started the freelance journalist activity in the transport and logistics sector.


Begin of my truck driver adventures all over Europe, but mostly in the U. K and Benelux.


A new era comes and I start to work as traffic manager at a major Portuguese transport company.


Created the truck driver training academy inside the company I work for. Been developing truck drivers training since then and also making reports, reviews and general media cover for several transport events.


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