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SCS Software is Prague-based game developer known and recognized worldwide for creating the most popular simulator video games. Portfolio of the company contains some of the most critically acclaimed video game hits of the recent years, including the famous Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.


Since its founding in 1997, SCS Software has created over 20 of PC gaming titles, including some of the most popular diving simulations: Bus Driver, 18 Wheels of Steel series, Scania Truck Driving Simulator and the Euro Truck Simulator series.

All of the titles have been created using our own game engine technology, allowing us to constantly improve our titles and create immersive experiences. Thanks to the dedication to quality of production as well as commitment to the detail we have become not only one of the most recognised developers of PC simulation games, but additionally we are holding the title of official license holder for renowned truck companies such as Renault, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, DAF and Iveco.


SCS Software continues to expand simulation universe by adding new territories and creating even more immerse environments by seamlessly adding well-known brands into their games universe. They are currently focused on expanding the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and at the same time working on new expansions for American Truck Simulator.

To create the most lifelike environments, they strive to add as much detail from real world as possible. They have successfuly cooperated with various truck manufacturers to license their trucks in their games. They believe that the combined result of creating detailed environments and surrounding them with real-life brands and products will allow them to create the experience that is not available in any other simulation game.

Our vision expands beyond the virtual world - World of Trucks is our community platform created especially for our fans. The portal allows users to share pictures, comment on custom truck designs and socialize with other users of the community.

Source: SCS Software Press Kit
December 2018



5.6 Million
sold copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2


1.4 Million
Sold copies of American Truck Simulator


1.2 million
Registered users on the World of Trucks portal


1.1 million
Monthly views on their company blog


likes on Euro Truck Simulator 2 Facebook profile


subscribers on SCS Software YouTube channel


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Prism3D technology is a mature, stable, flexible and reliable development platform with a solid line of finished products under its belt.

The engine has a huge feature set, combining extremely efficient scalable rendering on a wide range graphical hardware, with advanced physics, and a lightweight core backend with full support for object de/serialization.

However Prism3D represents far more than a game-engine - a powerful toolset supports the complete development pipeline - from asset creation in Maya, through automated asset conversion, to a one-touch build and product deployment system.
Prism3D is ready for multiplatform and console developement, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit target architectures out of the box. Whether developing for Windows, OSX, or Linux, Prism3D has the tools you need.

Written entirely in C++, the Prism3D codebase was developed in parallel on multiple platforms, with modern development practices in mind. Code is consistent, object-oriented, and well documented throughout. Highly visible unit-tests help to maintain a consistently high standard of reliability.




DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea

Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC brings to Euro Truck Simulator 2 the countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, parts of western Russia, and the south of Finland.

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DLC Special Transport ATS

We are calling on America's top truck drivers to haul heavy cargo across the country! Do you have what it takes to drive these over-sized cargoes!

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DLC Oregon ATS

Go down the road to experience the wild beauty of "Beaver State" Oregon. The evergreen natural scenery will go along with the deserted country and much more.

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Krone Trailer Pack ETS2

KRONE Trailer is one of the major vehicle and machine manufacturers in Europe. We are proud to bring their trailers into Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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DLC Special Transport ETS2

Only the most skilled and experienced truck drivers are called to perform Special Transport jobs. Are you up to the challenge? Experience super-sized cargoes now!

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DLC Italia

Italia DLC expands Euro Truck Simulator 2 with SCS Software's rendition of the beautiful European country Italy with its rich history, modern industry and more.

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