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Photos and Screens by Reyhan Ramadan
Published May 29, 2018

All those who have been following this community for some years now, tend to get used to certain people who no matter how many years go by, they keep staying. Then, within this group of veteran people there are still those who stand out for showing their true talent. Reyhan is without a doubt one of these. Here is our interview with one of the oldest and best painters in the community.

PUMIZO: How old are you and where are you from?

REYHAN: Hi!, I'm 27 this year and I'm from Indonesia.

 PUMIZO: What do you actually do for living? Studying or working? In which sector?

REYHAN: I do some freelance stuffs like graphic design, paintings and some related things.

PUMIZO: How are things going in your country, the people, the economy and the real life trucking industry?

REYHAN: Things are going fine here, also thank god I have many kind people around. It's quite great but not as much as in Europe, but I'm not taking any deep on it.

PUMIZO: When and how did you joined the Trucksim community?
I joined this community in late 2010.

PUMIZO: Most of the trucksim fans have some type of relation with the real life trucks. What's your background in the real life trucking industry? I mean, did you had any past professional or personal relation with it, or are you just a simulator video games fan?

REYHAN: Actually I don't have any background or something related to real life trucking industries. But my grandfather work at container port, when i was a child he always took me there at the weekend. So from that time, I knew i'll start loving about trucks.

PUMIZO: Many of the trucksim modders are not gamers at all. They just seem to enjoy the creative side of the video games. So, are you a modder gamer or just modder? And if you play, which type of games do you often prefer?

REYHAN: I can't do modding if that's something about create 3D stuffs or build models. I make skins and yes playing using them. I play mostly simulators and sometimes racing games like rally.

«My grandfather work at container port, when i was a child he always took me there at the weekend. So from that time, I knew i'll start loving about trucks

PUMIZO: Many of the oldest trucksim community fans often say that they miss the old days, when the games were poor but the community creative and sharing spirit was at it's highest level. What's your opinion about this and also about the actual state of the trucksim community?

REYHAN: Same with you and every older guy that been there "Glory Old Days" (laughing). I really miss it. Just imagine if those guys back on it, like Kamaz, Snaip, Ventyres, Loggie, Sheryo, Anaheim, FChriss. This Trucksim community it's not about how many players, but how we help and create stuffs between each other.

PUMIZO: And regarding SCS Software. What do you think of their progress among the years and the strategies they applied to the development of the ETS and ATS series?

REYHAN: They do some nice upgrades and developements. But it's a shame that if they add something that must add on first out ETS2 or ATS series.

PUMIZO: Would you like to give SCS any recommendation for the ETS and ATS future?

REYHAN: Rework your gooseneck chassis (laughing). I heard they have licensed from Krone and Schwarzmuller right? That must be not hard to create a gooseneck/container trailer chassis.

PUMIZO: And what features would you like to see implemented in ETS2 and ATS in future updates?

REYHAN: Adding some more animated objects on trailers would be great, and maybe UK map re-visited.

« I'm always study and looking for references on older Danmark or Scottish liveries. They have many great colors combination.»

PUMIZO: Let's talk a little bit more about you and your works. You presented the community with some high quality graphics along the years. What's your relationship with graphic design and specially with the trucksim model skinning?

Thanks (laughing). Yeah, sometimes I do graphic design work, it's kinda same related thing just a bit different media use.

PUMIZO: What about your hand drawings. That's a true natural talent. Where did that came from?

My father is painter (laughing), he does many landscapes and urban drawing/sketch. So yeap it came from him.

PUMIZO: Every designer has it's preferences regarding the working tools available. Can you tell us which softwares you usually use in your projects and why?

I'm using Adobe Illustrator (Ai), Adobe Photoshop (Ps) and sometimes using Luxion Keyshot in order to preview my work before put it in game. Ai or Photoshop (it uses layers) to create some vector base texture. I use it to re-work or re-touch logos.

PUMIZO: And your workflow and ideas. Can you tell us how the ideas usually arise in your head and the workflow you apply to turn them into a new design project?

REYHAN: Hmm ideas, actually I'm always study and looking for references on older Danmark or Scottish liveries. They have many great colors combination, lettering touch and some decorated graphic that makes a truck looking fresh. And then I mix some of it (laughing).

PUMIZO: Most of your amazing skins are from British or Irish transport companies. Any special relation with these countries or is it just a coincidence?

REYHAN: I never have any special relation on it, just admiring (laughing).

PUMIZO: Every truck lover has it's preferences and likes. Which truck and trailer brand do you like the most?

REYHAN: Scania, all the series. They always have nice looking design, that's it (happy).

PUMIZO: And company? Can you tell us about any EU and/or US company that you like or simpathize more.

REYHAN: I never had one, if it's come with nice look, i like it as simple as that (laughing).

PUMIZO: To finish this interview, what advice or recommendations would you give to the trucksim community fans, specially to the new ones wishing to learn about game modding?

REYHAN: Just trying to helping each other, there's so many nice guys that always helping in case you have trouble with something on this scene like modding or skinning. Just don't be affraid for trying, and from that you can review your work and enjoy developing your skills.


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