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Photos by Pedro Correia
Published December 17, 2018

During our visit to the SCS On The Road project in Madrid latest October, we found a nice young man collaborating with the SCS crew. The SCS trailer is always very busy with lots of visits,and Ivan was helping the crew dealing with the Spanish fans there. We wanted to know more about him and about this collaboration.

PUMIZO: How old are you and where are you from?

IVAN: I am 20 years old and I am from Barcelona, Spain.

PUMIZO: What do you actually do for a living? Studying or working? In which sector

IVAN: Right now I'm studying transport and logistic as well as doing some
internships meanwhile.

PUMIZO: How are things going in your country, the people, the economy and
the real-life trucking industry?

IVAN: Apart from some declarations of independence happening on some
autonomous community, quite well. The people is very kind (I guess),
economy is improving and there are many trucking companies right now.
What there's missing is a truck dealer company from Spain which we
used to have called Pegaso but ran out of business.

PUMIZO: When and how did you join the Trucksim community?

IVAN: My first experience in the trucksim community was with Euro Truck
Simulator 2 back when Going East! DLC was just released. I was
searching for a good driving simulator game and found ETS2 which had
really good opinions so I decided to give it a try.

PUMIZO: Most of the trucksim fans have some type of relationship with real
life trucks. What's your background in the real-life trucking
industry? I mean, did you had any past professional or personal
relation with it, or are you just a simulator video games fan?

IVAN: I started being just a fan of simulator games but right now as said
I'm studying transport and logistics and finished international trade.

PUMIZO: Many of the trucksim modders are not gamers at all. They just seem
to enjoy the creative side of the video games. So, are you a modder
gamer or just modder? And if you play, which type of games do you
often prefer?

IVAN: I am just a gamer. I can barely handle the map editor (opening,
creating a couple of road but everything very crappy) and I don't even
know how to start the Blender tool.

«Many mods are
great and SCS gives us some incredible assets to work with every DLC.»

PUMIZO: Many of the oldest trucksim community fans often say that they
miss the old days when the games were poor but the community creative
and sharing spirit was at it's the highest level. What's your opinion
about this and also about the actual state of the trucksim community?

IVAN: I think that this could work at the beginning of a game but nowadays
we would be bored of watching always the same assets. Many mods are
great and SCS gives us some incredible assets to work with every DLC.
If they prefer the old days they can always downgrade to an old
version and use the old assets.

Right now there is a great variety of players: players who play only
vanilla, players who play only DLCs, people who plays with mods,
people doing WOT contracts... Everyone has his own thoughts about
this and I think is great.

PUMIZO: And regarding SCS Software. What do you think of their progress
among the years and the strategies they applied to the development of
the ETS and ATS series?

IVAN: Looking back to the old days, when they produced only hunting games,
the graphics have changed a lot as well as the phisics and movements,
it's just incredible. About ETS2 and ATS, every year is bigger and
bigger, I am really looking forward to the day where for doing our
longest trips we will have to play like for 1 day.

The strategies that SCS has applied weren't very good in the past. It
was just a company sitting there, there were no announcements,
merchandise, contacts... Nowadays this has improved much more since
their first 2 Steam awards, the opening of their official E-Shop,
joining other companies and events and I expect much more in the
future. This can be seen when looking at the increase of players for
both games.

PUMIZO: Would you like to give SCS Software any recommendation for the ETS
and ATS future?

IVAN: For ETS2: A rebuild that right now is going on. First for the vanilla
and then for the DLCs, they are great but some has something
missing. In addition, I think that it would be great to have like a
fictional E-Shop in ETS2 for old trucks and old brands, not super old
trucks (from the 80's or 90's only) and with even disappeared truck
brands (i.e. Pegaso Troner or Pegaso Comet, Volvo F16, etc).

For ATS: Just keep expanding because the map is still very little. We
all know the team is expanding and we'll get more DLCs in less time so
let's wait how this will look like in the future. Also, more trucks
for ATS. I know this is not about work but about licenses so that's
more a hope.

PUMIZO: And what features would you like to see implemented in ETS2 and
ATS in future updates?

IVAN: For ETS2: I'll love to see Iberia DLC and the Bus / Coach DLC plus the
full rebuild.

For ATS: Texas and an expansion of the I-10, I-40 and I-80, they're
awesome! I want to drive the Volvo VNL (note down that when I'm doing
this interview it hasn't been released yet).

« I am really looking forward to the day where, for doing our longest trips, we will have to play like for 1 day. »

PUMIZO: Let's talk a little bit more about you and your works. You were
present at the FIA ETRC Jarama weekend, collaborating with the SCS
Crew and giving some help at the 4D motion seats. How that happened
and what can you tell us about it?

IVAN: All started in June when they made a post in their blog where they
asked if someone could help them on their events for the FIA ETRC with
an email and some questions to fulfill. I really wanted to meet them
in person so I decided to send the email with the questions being
answered. After some time Nemiro answered me and we started talking
about a future collaboration in "El Jarama".

About the experience it was amazing, they were all super kind, very
funny and we had some great discussions. Sometimes I messed it up but
everything went fine. The fans who came for trying the motion seats
were amazed and I can bet they had a great time with their family and friends.

PUMIZO: Every truck lover has its preferences and likes. Which truck and
trailer brand do you like the most?

IVAN: If I has to choose ANY kind of truck, I really love the Pegaso Comet
(sorry for being monotopic) but if I have to choose an existing one, I
prefer the Scania R.

PUMIZO: And company? Can you tell us about any EU and/or US company that
you like or sympathize more?

IVAN: From the EU I fall in love with Scania, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes-Benz
and from he US, Volvo and Kenworth.

PUMIZO: To finish this interview, what advice or recommendations would
you give to the trucks community fans, especially to the new ones?

IVAN: For every fan, to just keep giving feedback to SCS which is always
motivating for them but remember, feedback. If for example Renault
Range T is not released yet, don't spam “When will come Renault Range
T?” on every social media, on every photo, tweet, comment... That
really doesn't help and the answer will always be the same: “It's
ready when it's ready” so just wait for it. Think about it, it's much
better to wait 1 year (i.e.) for something excellent than for a crap
made in 1 week.

For the new ones, enjoy both beautiful games, start with the vanilla,
if you like it start buying (if you want) the DLCs and then decide
which way you'll prefer the game the most: with or without mods and
which kind of mods. There are many ways for enjoying those amazing
games and for what will come.

This interview took place at Jarama, Madrid, during the FIA European Truck Racing Championship Spanish leg.
October 6, 2018



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