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Photos and Screens by Daniel Magalhães
Published Dec 21, 2018

In the Trucksim community there are artists recognized worldwide, some of them really famous around several communities or social platforms. Then we have others, not so famous, but with such a fantastic talent. Daniel is one of this guys. We found him at a ETS2 local community and we wanted to know more about one of the best Portuguese skin makers. Here is our interview.

PUMIZO: How old are you and where are you from?

DANIEL: I’m 20 and I’m from Braga in Portugal.

PUMIZO: What do you actually do for living? Studying or working? In which sector?

DANIEL: I’m currently working, as logistic operator in an automotive factory placed in my city. But I’m planning soon in getting the truck driving license.

PUMIZO: How are things going in your country, the people, the economy and the real life trucking industry?

DANIEL: Well, I know things aren’t the best at the moment, but I’ve seen them worst, so I’m sure they’ll change soon. About the trucking industry, things are getting better, I just think we just have to believe and trust the ‘next generation truckers’!

PUMIZO: When and how did you joined the Trucksim community?

DANIEL: I’ve been playing since the ETS1 times, but I just started to be active in the community some time after ETS2 came out, by joining a Portuguese group in Facebook, where I started to post my game screenshots and my first works.

PUMIZO: Most of the trucksim fans have some type of relation with the real life trucks. What's your background in the real life trucking industry? I mean, did you had any past professional or personal relation with it, or are you just a simulator video games fan?

DANIEL: My father is a truck driver. I always enjoyed going to work with him, since I was a kid I have this passion for trucks, and as I grew up it grew up with me. And that’s why I like the game this much.

PUMIZO: Many of the trucksim modders are not gamers at all. They just seem to enjoy the creative side of the video games. So, are you a modder gamer or just modder? And if you play, which type of games do you often prefer?

DANIEL: Regarding ETS, I’m a modder gamer, as I enjoy editing the models in my own way and making my own skinworks, but I also like to spend some time driving and discovering the map. About other games I’m just gamer, the story mode it’s what I enjoy the best in games.

«My father is a truck driver. I always enjoyed going to work with him, since I was a kid I have this passion for trucks, and as I grew up it grew up with me.»

PUMIZO: Many of the oldest trucksim community fans often say that they miss the old days, when the games were poor but the community creative and sharing spirit was at it's highest level. What's your opinion about this and also about the actual state of the trucksim community?

DANIEL: I have to agree with them, although I’m in the community only since 2012, I can tell the difference between 2013/2014 and nowadays, the forum and Facebook were so much more active. People playing SCS games are increasing but regarding the community creative and sharing spirit, I think we’re having less people than we used to have. I’m sure people can change and learn, I was once someone who couldn’t make a skin or editing models in blender, but now I do both things, thanks to some friends from my VTC and also to some tutorials.

PUMIZO: And regarding SCS Software. What do you think of their progress among the years and the strategies they applied to the development of the ETS and ATS series?

DANIEL: The progress they’re making it’s outstanding, at least in my opinion. Just by looking to the dlc’s we can tell that they’re really committed to make things each time better, we’re having more real brands in game, great quality models and new features that make the game more realistic and interesting to play. That helps a lot keeping the currents players and bringing new ones to the game.

PUMIZO: Would you like to give SCS any recommendation for the ETS and ATS future?

DANIEL: All I can suggest is that they keep doing what they’ve been doing. I can’t complain!

PUMIZO: And what features would you like to see implemented in ETS2 and ATS in future updates?

DANIEL: I would like to see a rework in the oldest trucks and as a Portuguese, the Iberian DLC.

« I’m sure people can change and learn, I was once someone who couldn’t make a skin or editing models in blender, but now I do both things...»

PUMIZO: Let's talk a little bit more about you and your works. You presented the community with some high quality graphics along the years. What's your relationship with graphic design and specially with the trucksim model skinning?

DANIEL: It dates back when I was in High School, teachers used to ask me to make some flyers for school activities because they said I was ‘talented’ at it. Since that I kept being interested in learning more about it, mostly with tutorials and help of a friend who works in the graphic design industry. Regarding ETS, I just applied my skills to it as I always enjoyed to recreate real trucks in game.

PUMIZO: Every designer has it's preferences regarding the working tools available. Can you tell us which softwares you usually use in your projects and why?

DANIEL: To create vectorized logos or graphics to the trucks I use Adobe Illustrator and for screenshots editing or to ‘mount’ the skin itself I use Adobe Photoshop. There are more tools available that are as good as Adobe tools, but it’s just a matter of personal preference, I use this ones because I got used to their workflow and interface.

PUMIZO: And your workflow and ideas. Can you tell us how the ideas usually arise in your head and the workflow you apply to turn them into a new design project?

DANIEL: Usually my ideas come from the result of seeing real life photos or design projects, taking a little piece from each photo or project I see, I can create an idea in my head and putting ‘into the paper’. I like to make things in a clean style, minimalist. I think it’s my kind of design style.

PUMIZO: Most of your amazing skins are from Portuguese or Spanish transport companies. Any special relation with these countries or is it just a coincidence?

DANIEL: Yes, for sure. I enjoy representing my country and our neighbors, but there are some other skins from other countries, that I plan to make.

PUMIZO: Every truck lover has it's preferences and likes. Which truck and trailer brand do you like the most?

DANIEL: I’m sure that for my skinworks people can tell I’m a Volvo guy! And in trailers, Schmitz Cargobull it’s my first choice!

PUMIZO: And company? Can you tell us about any EU and/or US company that you like or simpathize more.

DANIEL: I think I don’t have a specific choice. I appreciate a lot of companies, for the beauty of their fleet, for the way they work and for the way they treat their workers.

PUMIZO: Pavel recently gave us some news about the long-awaited Iberian DLC. Being a native Portuguese, what do you think about it?

DANIEL: I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a thing we’ve been waiting for a long time, I’m sure SCS will do an awesome work, regarding that the last dlc’s released are getting each time better. Expectations about are high!

PUMIZO: And regarding the DLC content, what would you like to see included in the future Portuguese map area?

DANIEL: Some of the principal cities, some of the principal places of interest to the truckers and of course some landscape marks of our country. Let’s wait and see!

PUMIZO: To finish this interview, what advice or recommendations would you give to the trucksim community fans, specially to the new ones wishing to learn about game modding?

DANIEL: Just trying to helping each other, there's so many nice guys that always helping in case you have trouble with something on this scene like modding or skinning. Just don't be affraid for trying, and from that you can review your work and enjoy developing your skills.


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