Here you will find our interviews to some of the most notorious people from the trucksim community. They can be SCS Software staff, modders, gamers or anyone else relevant to the trucking world.

Daniel Magalhães

We found Daniel at an ETS2 local community and we wanted to know more about one of the best Portuguese skin makers. Here is our interview.

Reyhan Ramadan

Our interview to one of the most talented artists in the Trucksim Community. Reyhan has long accustomed us to his high quality skins with such incredible details.

Ivan Mingorance

During our visit to the SCS On The Road project in Madrid latest October, we found a nice young man collaborating with the SCS Software crew. 

Our interview with one of the most influent persons for the Trucksim genre, and the man behind SCS Software. We had a conversation about the FIA ETRC tour, the fans, the future of SCS, the Iberian DLC and the Renault T Range.

During our stay in Madrid, we also had the opportunity to speak with SCS Software Community Manager. Daniel told us some cool things about himslef and his job, about the company and about the future projects.


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